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A Bike with Four Wheels

The agility and freedom of two wheels. The comfort and safety of four wheels.

The Qooder

This company rewrites the rules of modern mobility and is an ideal companion for all types of riders. This is a very innovative product, secure, stable and comfortable like a car. This vehicle guaranties driving pleasure and fun without sacrificing the compactness and agility typical of two wheelers.

HTS - Unique Technology

The patented HTS™ Hydraulic Tilting System is an innovative technology which provides a perfect response to all riding conditions. It acts on all wheels allowing optimal riding dynamics in all conditions: precise and safe entry in curves, stable traveling and smooth exits. The HTS™ guarantees a simultaneous tilt of all wheels while maintaining perfect adherence to the ground, minimizing the weight of the vehicle and assuring a low center of gravity and accurate and safe driving kinetics. It also makes any vehicle suitable to any rider, ensuring unparallel riding pleasure in all roads and weather conditions.

The Specifications

The Qooder runs on a single-cylinder, 4 valve engine with a maximum power of 23.8 kW/32.5 horsepower, with a 5000 tpm torque. While the vehicle is ultimately powered by gasoline (with a 3.69 gallon/14-liter tank), its ignition is electronic. The unit is 53.54 inches (1360 mm) high to the top of its windshield and 86.61 inches (2350 mm) long. It possesses a respectable weight-bearing capacity of 1,058.22 lbs (480kg) including the weight of a rider and passenger, as well as their luggage and belongings.


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