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How to Check MD5 Checksum in macOS Terminal

Checking the MD5 Checksum of a file ensures the file you are downloading is not corrupted and you are getting exactly what you are expecting.

When you will download a file always look, is there a string associated with the file called MD5.

To check the MD5 using Terminal on a Mac is very simple.

  • Open Terminal

  • Type md5 and hit SPACE button

  • Drag the file you have downloaded into the Terminal Window. This will put the path to the file in the Terminal window so you don't need to type in the location

  • Hit Enter

  • You should now see the MD5 Checksum so you can compare it to the string you have been given to ensure they match

Alternately you can type:

The following command shows how to check md5 for 'amazon-corretto-' file that I have downloaded.

md5 /path/to/amazon-corretto-

it will result the following in the terminal

MD5 (/path/to/amazon-corretto- = d13bf6edf94826cd0857bd6674a0f098


Open the md5 file on any text editor or browser then search the string that you got in terminal.

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