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Why Learning by Heart is Important

Our learning must be heart deep; it must reach our very core.

Learning by heart, which may be somewhat of a dying tradition, means to learn something so deeply that it becomes part of our core: it fills us; it changes us.

Learn something deeply

For our lives to become the music of hope, our learning must be heart deep; it must reach our very core. We must be able not only to access information but to understand; we must acquire not only knowledge but wisdom.

There are two aspects that I want to introduce to you, learning using your heart and another is the common synonym called memorizing.

The common synonym Memorizing

This tradition of #memorizing and reciting has imparted to us since when we were in kindergarten. We still remember our kindergarten songs and some of them we learned without even understanding its meaning, but it cultivated a habit on to us. Over these years, I have learned that memorizing has many benefits. For me, personally, it deepens my understanding of the passage and fixes it in my heart. As you go over and over a passage in your mind, you think about it again and again. The richness of the words, the way they are put together, the possible symbolisms, the clever use of literary devices, and new meanings that you may never have noticed or understood before - all become apparent in the process of memorizing. Memorizing can put words in our hearts as well as in our minds. This is completely applicable in any stream of studies, whether it is literature, science or even engineering.

Learn using your Heart

Bring passion to your learning.

If you are behind a passion, have you ever noticed swiftness in learning those skills and techniques. It is not because of your reciting skill, but your heart is working there, without your are noticing. Starting with our first job after graduation, some of us loose our passion. The main reason for that is, we are not learning anything new but merely applying what we have already learned. If we have the real passion, we will always find something to learn, because your heart eagerly searching for it.

Being a #software engineer my job demands learning continuously, but confidently I can say my passion helps me in this, keeping up the latest technologies and finding modern solutions to the ever growing technical problems. My wife always says, "if you have studied the way that you are studying now, you would have reached your ambitions long ago". True, I have not had that passion when I was a child or a young adult; I was moreover a dreamer. That doesn’t mean that dreaming is not good, but convert your dream to passion, then your heart will help you to acquire the knowledge.

Get Inspired

Find something inspiring you, the one gives you the spark. Then I am very sure that you will learn it by heart. Start learning something new now, with your heart. Good luck!


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